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pop art cat portrait of Buzz lying next to Sphynx
cat pop art poster of Bentley in 3D
Buzz - single image Bentley - single image
Pop art cat portrait of Mercy
pop art cat portrait of twinkle on ball
Twinkles - single image Mercy - 4 panel
4 panel pop art poster of catcat
Cat Calls - 4 panel


CAT POP ART - Gallery 1

Pop Art Cats

...usually have plenty of attitude. And I wouldn't expect anything less from our so-cool-kitty characters!

When it comes to personality, cats really shine. Is it those mesmerizing eyes? Poise? Independance? Catnip? Probably a bit of everything.

Thankfully, I can capture it all and create cat portrait that I hope would make Andy Warhol proud!

You'll find that in many of my portraits, I like to add a hint of surrealism. It certainly seems to work well with the mystical qualities that cats seem to exude.

Picking the "right" style can be daunting for some people. Fear not. Simply start with making sure that the photo you give me is not blurr.When I create pet portraits from photos it is important that the photo you send me is at the highest resolution possible. Having the correct pixel resolution means that images should be at around 300 dpi with the file being about 1MB for a digital photo.

Then on my upload form, give me some color preferences and any other important information about your cat and hold on to your seat. In a short while, you'll have some exciting proofs to look at - and an opportunity to make some changes.

For a larger view, click the examples on this page.

So far, we haven't had any unhappy cat lovers. We must be doing something right! To get more information on how things work, look over my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Need more info? See my step-by-step outline on how to order a custom pet portrait by clicking here. Still need more info? - Then just write me a line.