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Q: Can you make blurry pictures better?

A: I can improve some blurry images by applying specific filters. This method redraws the image and defines some of the lines of the image which I can then enlarge and make sharper. Using this process changes your photo and is best suited for an interpretive paint style like my Pop Art Pet Portraits. I do, however, encourage you to send the best possible image quality you have - at the highest resolution possible. AND MOST IMPORTANT - FOCUSED! A reasonable size digital image to work with should be approximately 1mb (1000k) in a jpeg format (But bigger is definitely better!). If you are unsure, send it along without obligation, and I will gladly advise you.
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Q: How do I send you my picture?

A: To send a picture, it must be in a digital format. If it isn't, you will have to scan the photo using a scanner. If you do not have a scanner, you can have it scanned at a photo service bureau in your area. Once the image is in a digital format, you can then "upload" it to my website and then complete the short confirmation form which you can also use to give me special instructions as well as the name of your dog and a note of remembrance that you may wish to add. If you find uploading complicated, then you can always email your image and information.
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Q: I have a small photo and would like it to be much bigger. Can you do that?

A: I wish the answer was a simple yes - but, that depends at what resolution your photo was either shot at, or scanned at. A standard size that is suitable for printing, would require that your photo resolution be 300dpi (dots per inch) at the actual size you wish to print.

For ex: If you want to print a 8 " x 10 " photo, it is best to have a resolution of 300 dpi at those measurements. However, many digital cameras will save an image in what is called a jpeg format. Typically, this is saved at 72 dpi. which is only suitable for viewing on a computer monitor.

Because it is at 72 dpi and not 300 dpi, the photo area is approximately 16.6" x 25" and you have to scroll to see only parts of the image at any one time.

I would receive that photo and have to convert it to 300 dpi to make it suitable for printing a 8 " x 10 " photo. If you wanted me to enlarge that photo, I can increase the size but the DPI would drop as a result. The resolution can drop as low as 150 dpi and still look fine, but lower than that, and the clarity might suffer.

If you have a photo to scan, just tell the photo service bureau the dimensions you want to have a print made, and they will give you a digital file at the appropriate resolution.

For an idea of the results you can expect at different resolutions, see this chart.
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Q: I don't know anything about digital and can only send you a photo to work with. Will you accept that?

A: Yes. Your photo will then be returned with your order. Unfortunately, I cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of any materials sent to me. Please Contact Me for more information.
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Q: Do you restore photos?

A: Yes I do. Please Email Me with a description of the restoration requirements or a digital sample and I will send you an estimate.
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Q: Do you enhance people photos?

A: Yes I do. Just Email Me me your requirements and I will send you an estimate.
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Q: How long does it take before I receive the finished pet portrait?

A: Once the image is received from you, I can have the work completed within 10-14 business days assuming there are no delays because of revisions. Additional revisions can delay your order by several days.
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Q: Do you send me a finished portrait or just the digital image?

A: You can order a Fine Art Canvas print that is rolled in a tube for delivery and which you can then have mounted or framed at a framing place you most often use, or I can send you a "stretched" canvas printed and mounted on stretcher bars and ready for you to hang. You can also order a pet portrait using my DIGITAL ONLY service. This is a way for you to have your finished portrait downloaded to your desktop immediately after you approve the final artwork.

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Q: The image proof colors look strange. What's going on?

A: Because all computer monitors are different, an image can look quite different when viewed on different screens. Most typical users, have never calibrated their screens, and many screens lose their sharpness and calibration over time. It is most likely these circumstances that are altering the photo's colors. Be assured that my monitors are well calibrated and that the printing will be true to what I have created. If there continues to be a problem, check your image on another monitor.
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Q: Can I send you more than one image to help make a decision?

A: Yes. If you are not sure which pet photo is the best one to have done as a pet portrait, send me several of your best shots and I'll tell you which is going to produce the best quality artwork.
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Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes. I use the secure services of paypal who provide the option of paying with credit card or through a paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account, you can easily apply by clicking here.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
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Q: I like a particular horse image style you created. Can I get the same style for a photo of my dog?

A: Many of the image styles you see offered can be used for any pet. In certain cases like the sphinx image - it might be less applicable if you wanted to superimpose a horse into the scene. When selecting a format, try and imagine if the pet photo you have would work well in the setting I've created.
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Q: I like a particular image but I want to add a name. Is this extra?

A: No. Simply request that when you fill out the submission form. If there is a particular passage you wish to add, that can also be done. There are instances where the shape of the photo may prevent me from working with your instructions. In those instances, I hope you can allow me the creative freedom to make it as pleasing as my experience permits me.

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Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes I do. I am extremely proud of the quality work I do. In fact, if I don't feel that I can do an amazing job, I always advise my customers that they should re-submit a different photo or pick another style. If, however, you are unhappy with the final art or portrait work you have ordered from me, I will gladly give you a complete refund - no questions asked. This guarantee is valid up until the time you see the proofs. Once you approve the proofs and I print the portrait, I cannot issue a refund.

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Q: What do you print on?

A: Your final Pet Portrait portrait will be printed on a museum quality canvas. It is then stretched over a wooden frame and gallery-wrapped, meaning that it will continue around the sides of the wooden frame creating a beautiful print that is ready to hang. Since it is gallery wrapped, it no longer needs any additional custom framing saving you money and of course, time. When you receive it, it is ready to hang on the wall!

The highest quality archival inks are used to print your pet portrait. To resist fading or discoloration each print is sprayed with a special UV coating giving it added protection and a glossy-type finish.
I can also produce any size you desire. Ask me about custom sizes beyond square or rectangle shapes. The canvas prints you order are spectacular andwill make your home decor beautiful and complete.

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Q: How do I make an order for a pet portrait?

A: For a complete set of directions read our "HOW TO ORDER" info.
Simply visit our order page and select which style of artwork you would prefer. Choose from Traditional, Comic, or Pop. You can then make a choice as to which size you want as well as other choices. The shopping cart will then automatically calculate shipping or taxes if they apply. You can pay right online by credit card or Paypal.

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Q: How do you know what kind of portrait I want?

A: By selecting an example from our website and referring to it in the order form. This gives us an idea of your style preference. We then emulate that style and incorporate your pet's image into the portrait. When filling out your order, you can also give us more specifics as to what you like....colors....backgrounds. This way we'll create the masterpiece you're looking for.

Also, there’s the proofing process where you get to see your portrait before we print. We can do some simple revisions at this time to ensure that you will be totally satisfied with the final product. We love what we do and we want to make sure you will, too! That's why we pay attention to every detail. After all, alot of our business is by referral.

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Q: After I see my proof can I request revisions?

A: Yes. I can make some basic revisions to your proof, such as adjusting the color or modifying the background. Any additional changes after your initial proof revision can delay delivery of your portrait by up to 2 weeks and will require additional artwork fees of $75/hour with a 1 hour minimum charge. I therefore, ask that you be as clear and specific as possible when requesting any revisions.

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Q: I don't understand what digital painting is.

A: I use several software programs such as Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to create my works of art. Using a combination of software filters and a Wacom Tablet with stylus, I can actually spread "digital" paint and effects on to my computer "canvas".

When printed on actual fine art canvas, the effect is sensational and looks like it was hand-painted by traditional artist methods.

In order to create these high quality portraits, I may spend anywhere from 5 to 25 hours on a project.

First I must adjust each photo to it's optimal color, sharpness and resolution. I then remove the background, hand-draw the details and apply the complimentary colors and effects. Each portrait is fussed over to make sure that your pet's expression and character shine through.

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Q: Who owns the copyright on the work you do?

A: Whenever a work of art is created, the artist owns all copyrights to it and all reproduction rights from the moment of the work's creation. This copyright endures the artist's lifetime, plus an additional 70 years after the artist's death.These copyrights allow the Artist to create images and reproduce them in any form, i.e. limited edition prints, merchandise etc. The Artist also has distribution rights of these reproductions and has the right to use these images for advertising and promotional displays. Any portraits created from photos / images submitted to the Pet Photo Artist for the intention of purchasing a pet portrait, are copyright protected whether the purchase is completed or cancelled. Commercial use or reproduction of created images is prohibited without express permission of The Pet Photo Artist. (licensing fee may apply). Please contact me directly with any commercial use inquiries.

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Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: I use the secure services of PayPal. With PayPal, you can pay using any known credit-card.

You don't need to have a PayPal account in order to complete the payment. At the PayPal website, simply click on the line that says: "Don't have a PayPal account? Click here". You will only be asked for your credit-card details and contact details, and will not have to open a PayPal account.
For the residents of countries which are not supported by PayPal, please contact me in such a case.

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Q: I'm nervous about shopping online. How am I protected from any type of fraud?

A: All payment processing is done by PayPal, which is known for its top security and anti fraud systems. None of your credit-card details are given to me. The only place you enter this information is at the PayPal web-site.
If you haven't found an answer to a question Please Drop me a line and let me know how I can help.

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Q: What about shipping?

A: Shipping costs for the US mainland states are approximately 15% depending on the size of the order

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My custom pet portraits are a real treat and offered in various art styles. Be bold with the "Warhol-esque" Pop Art style inspired by Andy Warhol. Give your pet some stand-up stage presence with a Comic Art pet portrait or, enjoy the serene beauty of my Traditional Art renderings.

I use high-end digital technology and over 25 years of creative experience to create custom pet portraits from photos. And this isn't just push-button work. I work closely with you to create a masterpiece that will bring you a lifetime of joy.