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What is Painting on a Computer?

Some people are confused when I say that I paint on the computer. Is it paint-by-numbers? - Is it a colour guide for artists?

Painting on a computer is simply the ability to create a hand-painted look by using computer software to emulate real paint and real brush strokes.

Today's most popular software programs to help create digital art are Photoshop® , Painter® and Adobe Illustrator®.

As a digital artist I use many of the techniques of a traditional painter including the same hand motion as when using a traditional paintbrush on canvas. The difference being, that I use a stylus instead of a brush and my computer screen instead of a canvas.

In fact, the stylus can emulate the effect of a stick of charcoal, a sponge, pastels, crayon, oils or any other drawing and painting tool or media. This process of emulation let's me create portraits in watercolor, oil, pastels and any other type of painting media.

Like all forms of painting, my pet portraits rely on the same principles. The use of composition, light, depth, color, texture etc. The uniqueness develops with every brush stoke I take and the mysterious creative process that makes the magic happen.

I have complete control over all the lighting variables and can quickly adjust shading, density, brightness and texture to create images that jump off the canvas once the pet portrait is printed!

My paintings, when printed and framed, are as close as you can get to fooling the eye. They look like traditional hand painted art and are absolutely stunning!

One of the great benefits in digital painting is that I can take many faded and even damaged images and reconstruct them before I begin to paint them.

By using these techniques, I can offer custom pet portraits at reasonable price when compared to traditional paintings.