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Amber CAT-astrophe
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Itch & Scratch Mousey
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This is my portrait gallery that is really expressive - in a fun way. We're talking comic cat art- And I take it seriously, folks.

Because cats are not just funny...they're sometimes outright hysterical!

Just look at the situations they get themselves into.
It must be that abundance of energy & playfullness. And let's not forget their curiosity and mischevious traits!

It all adds up to some wonderfully funny situations that beg to be painted in my Funny Cat Portraits style.

Got a cat picture you want to turn into a lifetime keepsake? You've come to the right place! Whether you choose to have me create a comic portrait, a Pop Art or traditional style, you'll be thrilled with the outcome!

By clicking on the images you'll see a larger example of the artwork I've created.

If there's a particular look you enjoy, and you want me to adapt it for your pet cat portrait, simply reference the examples anywhere on my site...there's usually a name name under or above the images.

Don't forget - it isn't necessary to have your custom painting look like anything that is already on my site. I can create something based on any particular suggestions you might have!

If you'd like to get a better idea of how a room looks with some of my pet portrait offerings, check outsome examples on my dog wall art page.

My cat art is offered in various painting styles. You can be bold with my Pop Art Painting style inspired by Andy Warhol or give your pet some stand-up stage presence with a comic twist, or, enjoy the serene beauty of my Traditional Style Cat Portraits.

Though it may seem like push-button work because I use a computer, nothing could be further from the truth!

To create the various styles you find on my site, I use the over 30 years of creative experience as an illustrator, graphic artist to create my paintings on a computer.

I work closely with you to create a masterpiece that will bring you a lifetime of joy.

If your pet photo has a similar pose as one of the examples on this page, I can adapt the general looks you see here to fit the color scheme of your home as well as the coloring of your pet.

If the photo you have is totally different from what you see here, send it along and I'll come up with something that will be truly pleasing as well as a real conversation piece and a wonderful tribute to your cat!