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cat art portrait - pop art style Pop portrait of cat on a fence
Doris - 4 panel Kitty - single panel
cat portrait - four panels
Mousey - 4 panel

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One of the great things about the pop art cat portraits I create, is that you can have them totally customized.

Let's say you like different elements from 2 or 3 of my examples, just mention it when uploading your image, and I'll incorporate them into the painting you want me to create!

In fact, if you have any creative ideas you'd like me to try out, I can make your vision come true!

Just drop me a line to give me the details and I'll give you a price on the project you desire.

Custom cat portraits make exceptional gifts because they are unique and can be treasured for a lifetime.

Just take a few moments to look through your shoe boxes of photos (or hard drive) and either email or upload a couple of your favorite shots.

I'll look them over at no charge and let you know which would work best as a portrait.

cat pop art
Princess - 4 panel
pop art kitten portrait
Eden - single panel