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Testimonials from some of my customers :

Thank you for the incredible portrait of Ruffles. The other night while letting our dogs out, I happened to glance at it and, for a moment, thought it was really Ruffles! I don't know how you do it, but the art has a 3D effect about it! It's absolutely wonderful!
-Donna S.

Dear Pet Photo Artist,
The painting you did of Ben (our horse) is a real treasure. Thank you for adding the extra little design touches. I'll make sure to pass your company name along!
-Debra G.

Wow Noah,
Leo looks so beautiful in the picture. It brought tears (of hapiness) to my eyes. Congratulations.
-Elizabeth K.

Dear Noah,
First of all, the painting or whatever you call it (digital paint?) is really amazing. At first, I wasn't sure if it would look like a real painting, but it really does! And most of all, thank you for taking the extra time to explain which style would be best for me to use. They are all so beautiful, I couldn't make up my mind.
-Barley's Mom

Dear Pet Artist,
I had to let you know how amazing the portrait is. When I showed it to Romeo (my dog) he started barking and seemed perplexed. He recognized the dog I was showing him! It was the funniest thing. Anyways, the gift was a big hit, and my friend really loved it. So did Thunder (her dog)! As soon as I get a shot of Romeo, I'll be sending it to you. Thank you.
-Sarah S.

Just a note to tell you how thrilled I was with the painting of Simon. I'm a bit nervous with internet shopping, but I couldn't resist your work and prices. I must say, that it was well worth the gamble. Thank you for the prompt and beautiful work.
-Mrs. Cooper

HI, This mail just came as I was downloading it. It is absolutely beautiful. I resized it and printed it. It was to big to see after the download. It is really nice. Thank you. I will keep your website handy.

Hi Noah,
Your portraits are fabulous I can't stop crying to see my Jenny in portrait. I miss her so much.
I have choosen the portrait on the left of the screen, the one with the lighter brown background.Thank you very much Noah

Hi Noah,
...Your portrait you did of Cossack is a lifetime memory that no one can take away from me and thanks for bringing it a little more closer to my everyday life...
Thank you,

Hi, Noah:
"...he looks so soft and furry I could almost reach out and pet him. (You can tell I miss him very much!) Brings tears to my eyes and I think my husband will choke up when he sees it, too.

I think you have done a wonderful job...." Just wanted to send you a picture of Max now that it has been framed. Thank you again for making him appear so life-like.