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portrait of Dimples painting of dog - Baron dog portrait from photo of Happy
Dimples Baron Happy
A portrait of Patch Ruffles
Patch Ruffles
  painting of golden Lab digital pet painting of Cinder painting of Troy
Sierra Cinder Troy


Some of the paintings I create start off with photos that are usually less than ideal. This means there is alot of cleaning up to do in order to bring out the detail. (And that's before I can even start painting!)

But in many cases, this is the only pet photo some owners have and consequently, they look to me for help in restoring their only photo momentos and then creating a painting that they can commemorate their pet with.

Being a major dog lover, I usually buckle in and tend to accept the challenge. It's more work, but the end result is always a happy pet owner who for the first time gets to see their four legged friend as they were. And that gives me great pleasure!

Although I am able to do reconstructive work on faded or blurred photos, I strongly suggest that you send me the clearest and highest resolution possible. This means any digital photo that is closer to 1MB or above.

The better the resolution...(read my digital chart about resolution) the less guesswork there is (brown eyes? eyes?)...the better the outcome in capturing the true likeness of your pet.

If there's absolutely no hope because your photo doesn't have the clarity I need to do justice to your pet, I will ask for something else.

When in doubt, send me several images to look over and I'll advise you which would be best to turn into a masterpiece - or if you're ready, order now.