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pop art great dane   pop-art-dog-portrait
Benson - 4 panel Darwin - 6 panel
pet portrait as popart   custom pop art painting of dog
Romeo - 6 panel Shadow - 4 panel
Jake the spaniel painted in a la Warhol style   molly-spaniel pop art
Jake - single panel Molly - single panel
Radar - single panel


Abstract Dog Art - Gallery 2

If you're having a hard time trying to decide which painting style to go with, consider this:

Make sure the photo you'll be giving me to work with can adapt to the style you have in mind.

For example:
You wouldn't pick the "Darwin" style at the left - if your photo didn't have a fairly prominent tongue in it...

Don't forget, I can design a CUSTOM portrait as isn't necessary to choose a style from my selection of portraits.

When in doubt, send me several of your photos to look over and I'll advise you which one would be best to turn into a pop art masterpiece!
Worried about which colors to go with?

Just give me a color preference and/or the color of the room your pet portrait will be hanging in.

I can always mute the colors or change them when you see the proof.

And if you know exactly what you want, you can always give me the pantone COLOR CODES displayed at this link.

It's hard to convey how magnificent it looks when you pop up your photos to cover a bare wall. The small thumbnail images you seen on my site really don't do justice...the best I can do is give you a slightly larger image to look at when you click on the examples displayed here.

To get a better idea of how a room looks with some of my Warhol-style art look at some dog wall art examples.

puppy dog in a pop art style

Puppy - single panel

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