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Pet Portraits From Photos

Hi and welcome to my site.

I am a pet artist who not only enjoys painting in a traditional style, but also by using a more graphic approach as you will see in my pop art and humorous pet paintings. But regardless of the style I use, I always strive to capture the spirit of the pets I paint.

Like many pet artists, I happen to love animals and with two dogs of my own, I get plenty of inspiration.

Moreover, I understand the tremendous bond between owners and pets, and treat each painting as a tribute piece that will fill the room with warm memories, rich colors and great feelings.
definition of a dog
close up of cat's eye portrait of Irish Red Setter
mixed breed dog painting in traditional style bulldog painting done in tradional style

When creating pet portraits from photos, there is one key ingredient all artists need. Detail. It is very important to have a clear, sharp image before starting any painting. The more I can see, the more my brush strokes can stay true to the likeness of your pet!

When you upload or email me your favorite pet photos, I check that there is a high image resolution and sufficient detail to make sure that I am able to properly capture the true look of your pet and create something beyond your expectations.

Some of the key things that I look for include: good eye detail, a pleasing facial angle and expression.

Use My Immediate Download Service

Not only can you have your pet portrait printed on canvas, framed and shipped to your home but I also offer a service whereby you can have it downloaded directly to your desktop as an image file, immediately after you approve the final artwork I've created. You can then copy it from your computer to a CD and give this as a gift or send it to your preferred printing store for printing and your favorite framing store to have it framed.

I also offer a free CD cover insert with the final artwork on it. You can then print this cover on any decent home printer and insert it into a CD case. It makes a wonderful gift presentation and allows the person receiving the gift to print and frame their new pet painting exactly as they wish.

If you're looking to have a one of a kind pet lover's gift that is extremely affordable, then this is the way to go.

kitten - hand painted
portrait of bulldog pup
painting of Bichon Frise
closeup of cat painting

portrait of kittens

Here's an example of how pet portraits from photos are digitally created.
It's a lengthy and detailed process, but the results are truly beautiful and will make your empty wall a pleasure to look at!

Yorkshire terrier  - Brinks
pop art painting of chihuahua named Radar
A pet portrait from photo example - "Cinder" a black lab
traditional life-like pet portrait of two dogs
hunourous daschund painting
painting of kitten

I can ship anywhere in the world.
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